5 Can't-Lose Dating Tips


dating tips
How to make a smoldering impression and make the dating game work for you.

Studies show that we judge a person's attractiveness in contrast with the people around them. Sadly, our physical beauty is the first thing we're judged on, so when you’re meeting someone you like, it's best to initially (at least for the first date) be in the company of less attractive people (of the same sex).

You can supercharge your perceived attractiveness even more by being seen with an attractive person of the opposite sex. My good friend will ask all her dates to meet her at a local bar near her house, where she'll be having a drink with one of her male model friends. When her date arrives, she introduces the two of them, says good bye to her friend and leaves with her date. Sneaky, but effective. 3 Secrets To Exuding Sexy


Strategy #5: Make him work for it

Even in this day and age where it's perfectly acceptable for women to behave more aggressively, never forget that men still love to chase. Always think of yourself as a prize that needs to be won over, and make your dates work a bit. You should meet at a place that's convenient for you (he should travel further than you do, if possible) and end the date on your terms, preferably on a high note. Show some interest but let him wonder just how much you're into him.

Also, I highly recommend that you do NOT sleep with a man on a first date unless all you're looking for is a sexual relationship. It's even more important to follow this rule if you happen to be dating a coworker. Not all men will exercise discretion, and while you always run the risk of having your business blabbed about, you should try to maintain a spotless reputation in the workplace. 27 Ways To Say No To Sex

Written by Jay Cataldo for WomenCo.

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