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~That's A Start!~

~That's A Start!~
    So a year and a half after a broken engagement, I find myself starting a new relationship.  It came out of no where really.  Over 2 years ago we dated very briefly, talking about almost a month.  He stopped contact, for unknown reasons at the time.
    3 days before we officially got together he contacted me out of no where.  (The last time I seen him was 5 months ago while I was on spring break, and I was in his town partying at a bar.)  So, he informs me that he has moved closer to where I live and we start talking.  Well actually we are texting!!  He tells me that he would like to try to make our relationship again, but this time take it slow.  After being single for so long, I also think this is a good idea.  If it works then that would be great, and if it doesn't goes on.  Little did I realize at the time about all the emotions that get involved. 
    Couple days later we meet at a local bar, for what I would like to call "Our first date".  We have a lot of fun and he gets along with all my friends.  He stays the night, and I take him home the next day.  Another day later he comes over for a dinner with my family.  After that is where it seems to get complicated.  He goes home and the only contact we had since is a few text messages.  So, what will happen next....what should I do next,....what will he do next....



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