Can Sex Sell... Abstinence?


Can Sex Sell... Abstinence?
Candies has a very confusing new advert. Has this been thought through?

My friendsters Em & Lo ( are a little disturbed by a new campaign by Candies. The adverts are all about the sexiness of NOT banging—the copy reads, "I'm SEXY keep you waiting." Yep, sex is selling abstinence. Of course you should be able to dress however you choose to and not give it up to anyone but this just seems confusing and not just a little hypocritical. And, in regard to Candies model and spokeswoman, Britney Spears, JT "totally hit that." If you're on the fence about clicking through to Em and Lo, please do so for no other reason than checking out the guy from Sugar Ray in a very suggestive ad (click the link that says "this ad, which is so f*&%ed up we can only link to it"). Read: Thongs For Abstinence

Thoughts? Is sex (or rather, suggestiveness) a smart way to hawk abstinence? Or is it like promoting prohibition (or chastity for that matter) using MTV's Spring Break Cancun?