The Condom Commandments


use a condom
Condoms: bear these rules in mind before baring it all.
  • If you're thinking about sleeping with someone, and they haven't brought up the condom issue yet, what are you waiting for? Speak up. Let them know your deal. Ask about recent STD testing and tell them if you’re on birth control or not. Even if it kills the moment. It's really important.
  • Always keep condoms at home and in your purse, should you need them in a sticky situation. Better to be safe than sorry. It is not the guy's responsibility to make sure he has condoms. It takes two, baby.
  • Make sure he pulls the condom out properly after sex to prevent spillage. Yes, you need to be aware of this, as well. Help the fellow out. And you can't flush that bad boy down the toilet. Wrap it up in tissue, and put it in the trash.
  • If a condom breaks, both partners should wash themselves with soap and water. If the breakage is discovered after ejaculation, having a separate spermicide handy to apply may help. Go to the doctor as soon as possible for emergency contraception and/or STD testing.
  • Always use a condom with one-night stands, hookups, or people you are dating non-exclusively. Even if you are on birth control. This is non-negotiable. Don't get carried away in the moment. Remember the anxiety and stress you may feel in the coming days. It’s not worth it. Even if a man promises not to come inside you, tell him: “No, you won’t do anything inside of me.”
  • If you are dating someone exclusively or you're in a long-term relationship, get tested together after three months, and then make a mutual decision about birth control.
  • You can never be too careful. Many women have expressed regret over not using a condom even while in a committed relationship after they found out their partner cheated.
  • Insert (no pun intended) your own rules here.

What are your rules for condom etiquette? How have you handled awkward condom situations?

Written for The Frisky by Ami Angelowicz.

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