Are Your Sex Habits Normal?


Sex: What's normal? AOL Love & Sex Coach, Ian Kerner, addresses what's typical in bed.

Being normal in the bedroom is quite overrated (if you ask me). Regardless of how much truth there may be to that statement, everyone likes something a little different in the bedroom. This can sometimes cause people to question whether or not their bedtime romps are considered odd (or meet the definition of normal, whatever that may be). Make no mistake; if your online porn collection is getting more action than your significant other, then it might be time to ask yourself if your sex habits need some adjusting but that doesn’t necessarily make you abnormal. However, I think everyone's sex life would improve significantly if we rid ourselves of these social "norms"—at least while behind closed doors. Simply put: Don't knock it, until you try it. No matter what it is that you like there is never a need to feel ashamed; with a trusting and equally open-minded partner and communication, you can take your bedroom experience to the next level. While all of this may be true, inquiring minds want to know what the societal norm is in the bedroom, so we spoke with Ian Kerner, Ph.D., AOL Love & Sex Coach and author of "She Comes First" to find out if there really is a sexual "norm" to get the scoop.

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