When to hold him, or fold him?


When to hold him, or fold him?

My husband and I have been married for almost seven years, and together for almost 8 and a half.  I have two kids from before, we have one together and another due to arrive at end of August.  For the most part we have been happy, I thought.  We had our ups and downs of course, but we always came through and seemed to be stronger for it. 
His work this past year has taken him out of town.  He's away more than he's home.  He left the first time in January, on our anniversary no less.  I had just discovered a few weeks prior that I was pregnant.  We were both happy about it.  He didn't get home much and due to morning sickness all day and night I was in no condition to travel to see him.  He was about 3 1/2 hours away.  He came home only twice from Jan to beginning of March.  I was able to go see him once in mid March.  
While I was with him he seemed strange.  He had seemed strange even before then on our phone conversations.  I had asked him several times what was going on, he always said nothing.  When I went to see him he was different.  He kept his cell phone practically glued to his hip.  This was unusual.  He didn't seem to miss me as much as I thought he should.  He wasn't as affectionate as I expected.  I only stayed two days and two nights.  I left with the feeling something was wrong, but had no idea what it could be.  I thought maybe it was the pregnancy, and that he was a little weird about it.  Some guys get that way.
After I was home again, the phone conversations became shorter and shorter.  He'd suddenly 'have to go' and would 'call me back later'.  Then he texted me a few different nights that he didn't want to call and talk because he was 'so tired, would I mind if we just talked tomorrow?'  I tried to be a trooper thru all this, but my heart was aching.  I finally looked into his phone records online.
What I found was devastating.  I found hundreds of texts, and calls to and from a specific number. Naturally I blocked my number and called it.  It was a womans voicemail that I got.  My world shattered.  I waited a few days trying to come up with any good reason for all this, that didn't include cheating before I confronted my husband.   He played stupid about who she was.  Pretended to not know who I was talking about.  Even went so far as to deny knowing anyone by her name.  I was furious!  
It was the end of March when I confronted him.  The initial blow up passed.  He sent me a text telling me he had 'good news' that that particular job was over and he'd be home Monday.  this was a Thursday afternoon.  I later found out that his job had in fact ended that next day on Friday.  I tried calling him all day Saturday, and his phone was shut off.  A first.  Finally that night he answered my call, said he'd left his phone in his motel room on accident all day.  I blew up.  I accused him of what I was sure I knew.  I demanded he come home immediately, that I knew the job was over and he was lying to me.  He made axcuses why he couldn't come home til the next day.


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