Did She Dump Him Because He's Broke


Did She Dump Him Because He's Broke

Name: john | | Location: nyc , ny |Question: So
here is a question. I dated a girl in New York a few years ago. She was a girl
who worked in a similar field, I was attracted to, and we did a lot of fun stuff
together. She was perfect for me. I broke up with her for a number of
reasons, because she wouldn't leave New York, because she didn't want to spend
time with my family even though I spent time with hers, and because I felt like
our relationship could only be sustained with a certain level of money, I am not
talking about a lot of money, just that the amount I made was not enough. For
example, I felt a lot of financial pressure, when we went away together she
wanted to do things I felt I couldn't afford, I felt like for the relationship
to continue we had to eat out a certain amount. We even went so far as creating
a fund where we would both contribute to maintain fun things, equally
contributed to.

But, we ended up breaking up after a night when I had a
cold, got soup, paid for her drink and my soup, and then didn't have enough to
pay the cover charge on the place where we were and she didn't offer to pay,
despite the existence of our mutual "fun fund". We had been making an effort to
go out more and I really wanted to continue the relationship but I felt like for
that to happen, my level of spending had to be more than I could afford.
I decided to end it because I felt that we should be able to spend time
together and enjoy each other's company even without spending money. I also felt
like I was head over heels in love with her, and perhaps she did not feel the
same about me. So I broke up with her.

It was not a good breakup. I had
gotten upset once before and said I didn't want to break up, and we had tried to
work on our relationship. But that night we were walking on the street, and I
was telling her I was upset about the fact that she didn't offer to pay for me,
and she wouldn't talk to me about it. She walked away and I went to a subway
entrance and went home. We left each other, I was mad and I started a fight, and
then I didn't call for several days. It was extremely hard for me to do,
because I was really in love with her. After we broke up, I tried several times
to renew my relationship with her and she resisted all my efforts, and even met
me once in an effort to "bring me closure". To this day, I still think
about her all the time. I tried to date other women after that and I even met
some very awesome women, but I could not shake this girl from my thoughts and my
heart. She has said she doesn't want to be friends. I wish her a happy
birthday every year, and she has had two birthdays since we broke up. I have
since moved to a new city and I have tried to date other women. I am at a point
in my life where I will soon be making more money, and I will probably be able
to be at a point where I can legitimately afford to date her.

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