Comment of the Day 08/10

Comment of the Day 08/10

There is a lot of talk going on in the comments of the article  "Rebound Relationships". Some are pro, some are against. One rebounder is marrying her reboundee. But we thought ziti said it best when she wrote:

I think men and women need to take some time off between relationships to re-establish their equilibrium and gain a sense of wellbeing. Jumping right back into the dating pool, with booze in hand and/or just for sex, only blunts the pain, obscures the root causes and and delays a full recovery. Such poor choices also increase the chances of repeating past mistakes, if not the refusal to admit there ever were any.

The glimmering truth: No relationship ends because just one person got it wrong. We have to face what we did (or didn't do) that contributed to its demise and fix it, however long it takes. The goal is twofold. One is to become the better person, friend and partner that we know we can/should/must be the next time around. The other goal is to reach the point of not feeling like we have a big void to fill, but instead have a great deal of love to give, before we start over with somebody new.

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