The Beauty Of Dating At 40


The Beauty Of Dating At 40

1. You Learn To Appreciate Your Body. At 26 I was a sexy size 8. I also had the metabolism of a 26 year old, which was the main reason I was a size 8. At 33 I was a size 12, at 36 a size 14, at 37 almost a size 16. At 40, an age when a lot of people just naturally slow down, I trimmed down to a size 10/12. Why? Because I didn't take my body for granted like I did at 30. At 30 my body just was what it was because of my genes and metabolism. The body I have now is one I earned by working for it. I learned to appreciate the body I now have and not take it for granted. You won't see us bathing in the sun or out boozing til 3 am and looking haggard or weathered for two days after. We stopped frying our hair with dyes and irons and treatments. We moisturize, we drink less, we spa and steam, we work out, we eat better than we did in our twenties and thirties because we know the benefits.

2. You Learn to Appreciate Life Itself More. The older you get, the more likely it is that you'll lose people close to you. From 30 - 40 I experienced some profound losses in my life. Nothing makes you realize how life can change in an instant like an unexpected loss. 5 Reasons To Grow Old With Someone


3.You Learn to Value Sex More. You've had the flings and the one night stand. You've had the hot three times a night sessions. But by 40 you've been around the block enough to learn how great sex is, how much better it is, when you're having it with someone you trust and respect. You're okay with saying no and heading home to watch TV or go to the gym or just hanging by yourself. You don't "need" the sex. You'd like it, sure. But you just don't feel compelled to screw someone because they make you feel pretty. 5 Things I Wish I Knew About Sex At 30

4. You Learn To Value Your Time More. At 26 I didn't care about staying out til 2 am and waking up with a hangover and nursing it for the next 24 hours. Now? I can't be bothered. I wouldn't want to give up a full day to couch lounging.  I have errands to do, exercise to do, stuff to do. I no longer hang with friends who are emotionally draining and toxic. I've pared down my inner circle to close friends who know me and don't bullshit me and waste my time.

5. People Expect You To Look Great at 30. When You Look Great at 40, You Exceed Expectations. This one is self-explanatory. Anybody can look hot at 25. But at 40? Not as easy.

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