Never Date & Blog


Okay, look. If there's one lesson I have learned from Blogging and living my life publicly it's been this:

Don't date and blog.

Here's the
deal. Men hate drama. Even if it's good drama. They just hate it. They
especially hate being a character in a woman's little drama. Blogging =
drama. Worse, they hate hearing every innermost thought that we have
when those thoughts mention "marriage" or "Prince Charming" or "The
One." I once said I was smitten with a guy after a first date only to
have our second date broken because he admitted to reading my blog and
freaking out. Smitten. All I said was that I was smitten. He ran so
fast he left skid marks on my blog.


You'd think, being that I've
immersed myself in this little dating world and positioned myself as an
"expert" (I'm not) that I'd know that blogging about a man and getting
all gushy after a couple dates is the kiss of death. At first I refused
to co-sign on to that idea. I felt I should be allowed to be me, be who
I am, throw my intentions and desires out there. Yeah. Guess what? Not
so much. While I might have known what my intentions were, the guy
didn't. He didn't know "me" well enough yet. He only knew the "me," the
one dimensional "me" that appeared on my blog. We'd like to think that
guys are willing to give us a second chance or get to know us better
before forming their opinions. Unfortunately, that's not how it works.
The phrase "second chance" isn't really one men use very often. And the
thing is, it's not that they're bad people for doing this. It's that
they're just too easily spooked and have an allergic reaction to what
they perceive as drama. Blogging = drama.

Many regular readers know my little, err.., "issue" with Blaire Allison aka "The Love Guru."
Listen, Blaire and I? we're very similar in many ways.  I tend to be
more of a fatalist where as she has her head in the clouds. But at the
end of the day, we want the same thing - to fall in love.

been following Blaire's Facebook page and Twitter Updates for a few
weeks. One day, out of no where, she claims she had manifested her
dream man and now had a boyfriend. Literally, it came out of the blue.
One week she was single, the next she had "a man." A week in to this
relationship, she announces that she's off to her 2nd job..."pleasing
her man." I'm not even Jewish and even I say...Oy. What are you doing???

A week after that, she writes a blog post saying that she's been "saved" by her new man and the new relationship.

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