Fun And Free: A Couples Blog


Fun And Free: A Couples Blog
Try putting together a his-and-hers online journal.

Hey hey. Good news. Over at the New York Times, super sourpuss Paul Krugman thinks the economy may have cratered. Mr. Brightside warns that before we all buy jet skis and charter flights to Monaco to realize things are still grim. Saving more and spending less is a pretty good policy. But dating, mating and the whole relating shebang are tough to do without spending dough. That's when you gotta get creative. 

This time around, technology is your buddy (unless they took you job!). Try creating a blog with your spouse or your new (or old, if you're daring) squeeze. A blog is a great medium for getting stuff off of your chest. You can seek consensus, find advice or just shock, titillate and entertain. The "single woman on the town" blog is the digital inheritor of Candace Bushnell's "Sex And The City" column and is generally some of the most entertaining writing on the web. There's no reason that you can't turn that exercise in romantic solipsism into a Jack N' Jill adventure.


Writing things down (and reading them before you hit send) is a great way to collect thoughts and express yourself without being too "on the spot." Somehow, some intimate things are easier to write (even if upwards of 100 people may read it) than to say. And I've learned that whether you're posing a question or talking out of your heinie, there are many, many webizens willing to set you straight, and a little unbiased advice is rarely a bad thing. If you and your opposite number are new to the self-publishing game, you should register at YourTango and get the hang of it here. Our users are quick to chime in with opinions and pointers (click here to get started). If your post is good enough, it could make it to the YourTango homepage.

Here's how to start:

Step One: Determine if you want privacy or publicity. Eventually, someone is going to Google your name and bump into this blog… if your real name is attached to it. Then again, maybe that's what you want. For every voyeur there has to be an exhibitionist. If not, create an email address that doesn't include your name, and when you sign up for the blog, make up a fake moniker. Read: My Facebook Breakup Was Humiliating—and Helpful

Step Two: Figure out how much you're going to include. Even if the humdinger is anonymous, it's possibly to put too much out there. Determine if the bedroom is "off-limits" and how detailed posts will be. If you include a plethora of minutiae, a clever little monkey may be able to figure out who you are, like blind items on Page Six.

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