I Was In My Ex-Girlfriend's Wedding


I Was In My Ex-Girlfriend's Wedding
The story of not only attending, but being part of an ex's wedding party.

After a night of drinking and mingling, everything was cool. I wasn't worried about who knew about me and Anna's sort of secret past—although I'm pretty sure after the raucous BBQ it was not so secret any longer. All that was left now was Anna's big day.

The ceremony went off without a hitch. The bride and groom looked stunning. We, the wedding party, performed our duties in front of a tearful audience. And then, one by one, at the gorgeous country club on the lake, people began to fall ill. First to get struck with the awful case of food poisoning—the poor groom. An hour or so later, Anna was barfing. It was the kind of food poisoning that caused upheaval from both ends, followed by immediate relief and then a repeat performance every 45 minutes. I thought I was immune, but by the end of the night, I was one of around 20 people who had to flee quickly to the nearest restroom. Luckily, the food poisoning didn't dampen anyone's spirits, and everyone continued dancing and drinking (to the best of their ability) the rest of the night.


Overall, it was a fantastic wedding—minus the whole barfing thing. And as for me being in my ex-girlfriend's wedding, after the initial shock value wore off, was all at once completely comfortable and totally normal.

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