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Easier to Give Then to recieve?


I Love getting on this site and looking at the articles and the questions and putting my two cents into the conversation. Tell me why it is so much easier to give everyone around you advice but when it comes down to listening to other peoples advice to you (weather about love,business,children,or whatever) or using your common sense in your own life its like an alien concept. Most people are in such a hurry to help other people or tell other people what they think but then they dont take their own advice especialy if it's good advice. It's hard sometimes to step back out of your emotions about what you want to happen or what you want to do and see what the best thing to do in the situation is. I think that sometimes people(me includd) need to pretend that their lives are someone elses and that person is asking their oppinion and think about what they would tell them. If you were to meet yourself and ask yourself what you should do about (insert situation here) what would YOU tell YOU? If you could be emotionally unattached to the situation you could see what the right thing, or the best thing to get the outcome you want is. Sometimes people get in their own way. I can turn to my best friend and say: Girl you're too good for him and he doesnt treat you right" while in the meantime the guy Im seeing isnt doing any better. So next time you have an emotional emergency or a marital meltdown before you run to your hairdresser or speedtype a blog turn to the person closest to you...yourself...and ask "What would you do?" I mean who has your best interests in mind more than you do?


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