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Comment of the Day 08/04


Like my momma always said, "a woman with a manicure is a woman to be reckoned with." We love what Riversong has to say about putting on your fancy shoes:

Guess if better make-up and sexier clothes would do the trick I'm for it. It that means putting on a front? NAAY. Is that you feel better about yourself at that time.As a single woman I enjoy my every day life a lot I come and go as I please go where I want and come home when and if I need to. Travel often on vacations or weekenders . .As long as you feel comfortable , dress sexy but not slutish. smile a lot , be friendly and walk with a wiggle on your tail as hispanic women do.That is not being someone else , that's using your femenine traits that you haven' t used for a while. Feel free to improvise and improve even if its take a while until you get used to it and make it a habit Feeling attractive is a great feeling that helps us feel more secure and femenine. As long as you don't portray yourself as someone you're not , be femenine !


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