Mark Wahlberg And Ali Larter Get Married


mark wahlberg, rhea durham
The Entourage producer married Rhea Durham. The Heroes star married Hayes MacArthur.

Before you shout "OMG WTF TISNF," take a deep one and relax. Mark Wahlberg got married and so did Ali Larter, just not to each other. 

First, according the Boston Globe, native son, Mark Wahlberg was married to his baby's mamma, Rhea Durham in Los Angeles on August 1st. The reportedly quite Catholic Mark Wahlberg has three children with Durham (ranging from 5 years to 10 months).  The gossip team over at the Globe guessed that big brother (and New Kid tough guy) Donnie Wahlberg was not in attendance due to a quick hospital visit. 


While even "good Catholics" aren't always able to hew 100% to the church's practices and policies ("Do I really have to believe that the wine literally becomes his blood?"), it's been said that not being married weighed a bit the actor's heart. Hopefully, the rosary that he has tattooed on his chest didn't burn too much. Glad that they got the whole thing figured out. Read: Catholics Begin Campaign On Marriage

Fun fact: Mark Wahlberg produces Entourage

Also making it official over the weekend was Ali Larter. She and her guy Hayes MacArthur (in the running for the most awesomely WASP-y name) were wed in Kennebunkport, Maine (where else?) on Saturday August 1st. If you're a fan of super hero television, you'll recognize Ali Larter as Niki, Jessica and Tracy from NBC's Heroes. Others of you will recognize her as the girl who dons the non-melting whip-cream bikini in the James Van Der Beek classic Varsity Blues

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