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Comment of the Day 08/03/09

Comment of the Day 08/03/09


The great hair debate! It's on. I met my DH when I had super short hair. I grew it long for him (yeah, yeah, I know, but I was only 20 at the time). Now it's long and I love it. But I mostly love it because I grew up being told that I could only have short hair because I looked "terrible" with long hair.  From being on both sides of the fence I can see how the seemingly superficial issue might ignite some discussion. I love what LateBloomer had to say on the topic so much that she is the commenter of the day! Thanks, lady!

I have a new litmus test for men now... if he is not attracted to me
because my hair is short and he can't see beyond it to my heart and
soul and mind............ buh bye.



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