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Where my heart is


How can i win the heart of this girl. I love her so much but not sure if shes feeling the same way. The relationship is only 2months old am older than her with 14yrs difference. Also, although we know each before i travel to another country but we are not that close as friends then. Secondly, at  this monment we hadly talk on phone because shes afraid to answer my calls before her parents. shes 18, while i'm 30. Two weeks ago, we had a little misunderstanding because i was rushing the relationship to dive into intimate stage. According  to her, she said that everything is moving so fast and she will prefer us to become friends first, and i agree with her. Knowing that i'm in a far away country and we hadly talk on phone except by text messages and she doesn't want text messages that will suggest intimacy for now.  

So How do i win her heart?


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