6 Celeb Rebounds We'll Pass On


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Kate Gosselin and Reggie Bush we'll keep. This week the others were just too scandalous.

The Jude Law pregnancy zinger topped off one heck of a week in Celebrity Love drama. The highlights are here, and the letdowns are low. Even if these stars came knocking with an extra ticket to St. Tropez or spots for us on their reality shows, we'd probably be busy washing our hair.

Jude Law Honestly Jude? Thanks to him there's a 24-year-old aspiring model named Samantha Burke from Pensacola who's registered at Babies "R" Us all by herself. The worst part is not even what we heard about him refusing to use protection: it's the fact that this week, he broke the news to his three kids in what was reportedly an emotional reunion. Indeed there's some charm that comes with that accent, but after what happened with Sienna and the nanny, maybe it's time to make like Sherlock Holmes and get a clue. New Woman Steps Forth As Jude Law's Baby's Mother


Kim Kardashian Okay, so the texts were reportedly from Kanye West—we wouldn't delete them either. But Reggie Bush stuck by Kim through some of the bizarrest moments of her, well, career? including her cringe-worthy exhibits on Dancing With The Stars. Reggie we'll keep. Right now we're waiting for some Kim redemption.

Chris Brown The apology video? Enh, not all that convincing, but we're afraid Rihanna bought it. Chris will get sentenced next week in the assault case Rihanna brought against him last February, but the two were spotted in the same New York hotel last weekend. Keep your noses clean, kids. That judge was serious when she told you to stay separated. Rihanna And Chris Spend Weekend In Same Hotel

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