The Links: Big Girls Need Love & Google Goggles


serena williams
Your sexy voice, professions likely to cheat, platonic male friends and the upside of materialism.

Nice. Vicki Iovine (at the Huffington Post) creates a guide to having post-divorce sleepovers and not freak out the kids. Great read… there is life after love, thanks for believing, Cher. 

My frienderino, Simone Grant, likes guys and wants them around. Not just in steel mills or the bedroom, but also as platonic friends. Read why women need platonic, straight man-friends. 


The Frisky lets it rip with 12 Signs You're Dating A Loser. Not surprisingly, Jon Gosselin's likeness is included. Sadly, 1986 World Series goat Bill Buckner is not mentioned. Come for the list, stay for a great battle in the comments. 

My brah, Brendan Flaherty (, is psyched that women he meets are becoming materialistic again. Their disdain for his blue-collar, creative class lifestyle can only mean that the stock market is rebounding. I don't really care for his flippant use of redhead, though.

Enjoy the weekend and, as always, holler with links you think I missed.

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