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Your sexy voice, professions likely to cheat, platonic male friends and the upside of materialism.

It's the end of the week and there have been some solid love and relationship posts on the webs this week. Here are some that you may have missed. Enjoy:

The lads over at Complex like some women who are large and in charge (also big, bad and bodacious). I never would have thought of Serena Williams as big. Muscular, yes. Powerful, sure. Sexy, youbetcha? Big, IDK. (Kudos to Complex for use of "big boneded," I thought I was the only one.) Plus: any thoughts on which kind of "complex" they mean? A bunch of buildings? A psychological obsession? Forget it, it's probably too complicated for me.


My buddies, Em & Lo (, coin a new phrase "google goggles." Check out the definition before you go on your next interweb date.

Hah! The guys at Asylum break down the profession most likely to cheat. Somehow standup comedian missed the list. So did architect. Oh well. 

A user at eHow has the greatest plan of all time regarding how to trick a woman into marrying you (hint: tell her you're pregnant). Sadly, he never mentions that the purpose of the ninja is to flip out.

Jezebel lets us know that the couple who rock out in that Chris Brown "Forever" wedding dance video would like some money to go to battered women, please. It turns out that the video has inspired people to purchase the song on iTunes. So Jill and Kevin started for the cause. Sweet work, kids. And here I thought they were sort of total knobs, I stand corrected.

Lemondrop tells us of the world's largest game of telephone (whispering a phrase into a person's ear and they pass the message to the next person etc). Sounds boring, but the endgame was that Jake Bronstein had a very special, record-breaking message for Kristina Hoge at a World Record Appreciation society meeting. I wish I knew what irony meant.

If you want to set-up the advice guy (Rich Santos) from Marie Claire, do a good job of it, OK? Old Rich Santos explains how. Low self-esteem is never mentioned, nor actively hinted at.

According to Divine Caroline, our voice plays a major part in whom we attract. I suppose it's no wonder that I do pretty well for myself after drinking malt liquor for three days straight and sound like Alec Baldwin. 

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