6 Best Supernatural TV Wives


jennifer love hewitt, the ghost whisperer
These magic-wielding, ghost-talking, vampire killing wives are the best on TV.

Last week I ran a list of the 7 best husbands on Sci-Fi television. While some of you thought I dropped the ball on a few of these, lots of fan favorites made it into the mix. This week, I foolishly tried to take a slightly different angle for the ladies' side. Instead of going with the best wives of Sci-Fi TV, I tried to be a hero and go for "supernatural"*. (Not the Santana concept album.) And the pickings are slim. Some of the best supernatural shows in TV history (True Blood, Reaper, Supernatural and Pushing Daisies) feature almost no decent wives (note: Sam's mom on Reaper was put between a rock and a hard place, admittedly). So, the search was far and wide and nearly included the Highlander's barely wife Anna MacLeod.  Here are the spell-slinging, zombie stabbing best wives on supernatural TV (in no particular order):

Melinda Gordon (The Ghost Whisperer, Jennifer Love Hewitt): The titular character is a heck of a wife. Because of her ability to, ugh, whisper to ghosts, Melinda is able to rescue her husband Jim Clancy from death itself (though at someone else's expense). Read: Ghost Whisperer: What Ghosts Teach Us About Love


Jeannie (I Dream Of Jeannie, Barbara Eden): Yes, yes, she started calling Major Tony Nelson (the awesome Larry Hagman) "master," every guy's fantasy, but the dynamic between the two was never so one-sided. Eventually, the devotion that she felt for him was reciprocated and she didn't even have to show her belly button.

Phoebe Halliwell (Charmed, Alyssa Milano): Sure, Rose McGowan's Paige was married; I'm just more of a Phoebe fan. I know Phoebe has been married a few times (though some were coerced), but she finally found a great match in Coop. How can someone with the powers of premonition and empathy be a bad wife?

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