Top 8 Reasons Online Dating Is Great


reasons to love online dating
Reasons why you should take the plunge, plus tips and tricks of the trade.

4. Practice makes perfect. As they say, practice makes perfect and nowhere is this mantra truer than with dating. There's an art to flirting, an art to chatting someone up. An art to going in for the kiss and to denying access to your chambers. Or, alternatively, giving them the green light. It makes it that much easier on a real date if you've had a series of "fake" dates to bone up on your skills. One Night Stand Dos And Don'ts

5. You don't have to be too serious... About this date or any others, whether they began online or off. Really, if you haven't dated for a while, when that chance finally comes up sometimes it's hard keeping it from becoming more than it really is. Having recently been on a series of dates, and with numerous ones scheduled on the horizon, helps take the pressure off and stress out of a "real" date. Likewise, it gives you alternative ways to spend your post-date time rather than counting down the days, hours or minutes to when he calls you back. 5 Ways To Turn Down A Second Date


6. Bringing dating back. Once upon a time people used to date. Your parents might have told you about it, it was nice: A fella' picked you up, you went out for a shake and some putt-putt, you talked, maybe necked. You went out on more dates. You got to know each other. Maybe it went somewhere, maybe it didn't. The plus side is that you got to know someone and they got to know you. And in times like this, it really is nice to make that human connection. What's more, casual dating allows you to entertain multiple men at the same time without the stigma of being called a slut. Limiting your romantic pursuits to weekend hookups is a dead end. Give yourself choices in who you date, what you do, and where you meet them. 25 Dating Dos And Don'ts

7. It can often mean a free meal. Alright, so maybe this is a bit amoral and regressive, but hey, it's true. Despite recessionary economics, a guy will still likely pay for a drink or two—just make sure you don't treat them like a meal ticket. One Love Buzz writer has this to say about it:

I'll go out with most people online, provided they seem normal and I think I could manage a decent conversation with them. And why not? I'm completely broke! It beats sitting at home watching Hulu. As a girl online, you'll find yourself barraged by men. Why not take a few up? So they might not be your Adonis, but why not meet up for some free beers, appetizers and conversation?

8. You just might meet someone. With the laws of statistics on your side, why go against the flow? You create your own luck, and waiting around for Mr. Right to find you is so over. Proof That Online Dating Works

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