Love Bytes: Are My Sex Fantasies Normal?

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How dating has changed in five years, exploring sexual fantasies and more.

Love Bytes: Five must-click sex, love and relationship links.

What do your sexual fantasies say about you? [Lemondrop]

As the saying goes, the biggest sex organ is your brain. No love life, no matter how sweet, is complete without a little imagination. That's where fantasies come into play. But what do your fantasies "mean?" We asked three sexperts...

Boyfriend starts texting your friend, should you be worrying? [Tres Sugar]

Study shows that withdrawal may be as effective as condom use. [Asylum]

In a study published in "Contraception" magazine, researchers found that if the male always uses the withdrawal method 96 percent of couples won't become pregnant over a year, as opposed to the 98 percent who always use condoms

Why sex may be more desirable to men than it is for women [Huffington Post]

Four Ways Dating Has Changed [Limelife]

Have you considered the past five years of dating? When AOL looked back, things have changed pretty significantly--and we hope you're not just along for the ride!

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