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Comment of the Day 07/27


We are a nation of stress eaters and we're obese. Yet, even with that in mind, I fully endorse the curative powers of food. If I am having a bad day, a creamy casserole (I live in the midwest, its how we do) or a Coke usually does the trick. In fact, I believe so strongly in the powers of food, that my husband has been known to come home bearing a liter of Coke and six pack of hot dogs, if he knows I've had a bad day. I know, I'm a lucky, lucky woman. Drcloverwrites in response to "Are You (Really) Ready for Love?"

...its really hard to mend a broken heart but take it slow! my mom used to always say: "icecream cant heal the wound but it can always cushion the hurt.."

Your mom is a wise, wise woman. Ultimately, time is the true healer. But a large helping of tater tots and mac and cheese, can help until you get there. What are your favorite break up foods?


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