The Good 'Ol Wandering Eyes

The Good 'Ol Wandering Eyes

I'm finally in a relationship that is healthy and evolving.  We've been together for 10months and its his longest relationship! Everything is awesome! 
I have learned alot when it comes to a relationship based on equality and maturity (this is the first) but there's just one little thing that gets me....


I would like to think of  myself as an intelligent attractive woman who has no problem "getting" men, however this one little habit of his drives me crazy!! We can be at a grocery store and if there's a blonde in the store, his eyes are ALL over her.  I could be talking to him and he'll try and "sneak a peek."  And he knows that I know exactly what's happening...But then he'll pull the.."what girl? What are you talking about?" scenario. We've had fights over it and I have admitted that I understand that he's entitled to look (hell, I look!) But, there's a discretionary factor that doesn't seem to stick with him.  

 I understand that its my self esteem that's lacking and that he goes home with me (we live together) and that I should trust him...blah, blah, blah.. But, it is keeping me from wanting to go out with him.  I hate enduring it and then I look like the idiot if I say something to him, but if I don't he thinks that he's getting away with it!!!

Arggghhhh...What's a girl to do???


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