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Harry Potter Star Wants A Curvy, American Woman


No longer a teenager, Daniel Radcliffe longs for curvy, American women.

Tonight, millions of American women will be able to go to bed happy, rocked to sleep by their increasingly likely hopes that one day Daniel Radcliffe may come calling.

We already know that he likes older women. And that he sometimes uses the media to find the girl of his dreams. Today, we learn a few things more: Not only does the half-blood prince prefer Americans to his native Brits, BUT that he likes them curvy at that. Step back Keira!

'I'll say American for now,' laughed the London-born 'Harry Potter' star when we asked whether he'd rather date a Brit or one of our fellow countrywomen. 'I really have no preference, though. Nationality is nothing. It's all about the girl—but she has to be curvy!'


The good news doesn't stop there. Today, Daniel also turns 20, which makes that Equus playbill poster hanging on the wall slightly less creepy. Older Woman, Younger Man: Can It Work?


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