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Jon & Kate Plus Two New Mates?

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Kate Gosselin is seen with new man while Hailey Glassman's parents accept Jon.

We have an update since Monday's report that Jon Gosselin was seen out in New York City on Saturday night with a new and much younger blonde who clearly was not Hailey Glassman.


The mystery bombshell was Star reporter Kate Major, whose flirty pose with Jon has paid off big-time for her exposure. Her name has been splashed across entertainment websites for the last two days, especially as Jon struggled to smother speculations that the two might be dating.


But rest assured gang, he's still happy with 22-year-old Hailey. The morning after the Kate Major photos surfaced, he and Hailey were photographed strolling hand-in-hand in a New York State park, where he also—oh heavens—pushed her on a swing.


(Once a dad, always a dad; especially as he is practically old enough to actually be her dad.)


Despite the drama and age difference that have plagued the Gosselin saga, Hailey's real dad (remember he is Kate Gosselin's plastic surgeon) is apparently fond of all this cavorting between his daughter and the world's most infamous reality TV father. Yesterday MSNBC quoted Hailey as gushing that her parents "love" Jon and consider him part of the family. And please recall how important it is to win the parents' approval when you have not yet moved out of the house. The Love Life Of A Boomerang Kid


Another party who appears not to protest Jon's romance these days is Kate Gosselin, who may be enjoying a little new nooky of her own. This weekend a handsome man was photographed laughing and flirting with her at her house, packing up boxes for her and playing with the kids. While we sometimes question Kate's decisions, we're starting to give her credit: at least she's wise enough to go on playdates with people her own age. In Defense Of Kate Gosselin


Photo via Bauer-Griffin.


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