Hi there. My name is Christa Gauthier, and I am married to Patrick, who is my Build a Bear. I call him that, because like I've told him, if I could build a man like you build a bear, he would be the result.

We are taking a road trip in the fall, and I am going to be writing about our experiences every day, We are driving from CT to CA, stopping to take in sights, for two weeks. Our destination is a football game (my idea!) between our two favorite teams, the Chicago Bears (me) and the San Francisco 49'ers (him). We will spend a week in CA, then take another week to go home. I plan to journal every day of the trip, sharing our experience and some pictures, etc, but I want to make sure that people will be interested in something like that, so I am trying to get some feedback.

Ultimately, we have about 10 trips planned, and if everyone likes this one, we will blog them all. So, please give me your thoughts!