New Math for Sexual Accounting


 New Math for Sexual Accounting

If Z  is still longer than your credit card number, higher order concepts are definitely required.

Q = Z divided by H (Holiday sex, which usually involves lots of drinking, despair and generalized loneliness)


R = Q – L (any man who suggested a spit and lard slurry as an appropriate lubricant.)

H = R divided by I (% of men who referred to themselves and/or their penises in the third person, e.g., The Buckmeister is going to make sure that Mr. Grease Monkey shows you a real good time.)

D= H – C ( Clowns). Now this may seem discriminatory, but clowns have a tendency to pull quarters out of your pussy and typically refuse to take off their shoes.)

Round D off to the closest prime number and you’ve got a reasonable answer.

Or, you could just use my response: “Enough to know what I like and have every right to expect.”

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