10 Old School, Still Cool Celebrity Crushes


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New Kids, Will Smith, Brad Pitt: We grew up with these babes, and they get better with time.

Janet Jackson Janet is emerging as the superstar in the saga of her brother Michael Jackson's death, especially as she copes with this week's split from Jermaine Dupri. Despite the toll the last three weeks have taken, Janet's still a stunner, and a nurturer too: we heard this week that Michael's kids said they want her to be their guardian. We'll keep you posted with the details. Michael Jackson's Daughter's Controversial Speech

Brad Pitt No, we would not leave him off. While there's no need to remind you of his current state of romantic affairs, remember when we were kids and he used to date Christina Applegate and Juliette Lewis? It's fantastic... Bit of a Hollywood social climber there, eh Brad?


Christina Applegate Speaking of Kelly Bundy...this one's another cutie. She may have had us convinced in the '80s that she was similar to her roles in Married With Children and Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead (oh, loved that movie), but her step in the spotlight more recently proves that wrong. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 but bravely beat it with a double-mastectomy. And courage, dear friends, equals sexiness. Cancer-Surviving Single Dad Seeks Love

Jon Bon Jovi That moment when the "Livin' On A Prayer" video turned from black-and-white to color cemented it: this man is an all-time fave. Remember how he would strap himself in a harness and fly out over the crowd till you felt like you could touch him? Amazing. These days he's a longtime husband and devoted father of four, and while he and the band keep making music, his roles in the sports and charity worlds are what make him most awesome today. Why Women Can't Resist Rock Stars

Paula Abdul She made sixth-grade boys everywhere drool, even if they kept it secret. Among a sea of '90s diva singers, this woman could move. And even if she can be a little wacky, she's here to stay: this week American Idol signed her back for Season 9, and she plans to release a new album by the end of 2009. Simon Says He And Paula Secretly In Love

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