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How Often Do You Use "We"?

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Some pronouns mean more than others.

My friend Leila came to visit from Arizona last Friday. We’ve known each other since freshman year at USC. I’ve seen her about 3 times per year, every year since graduation and still she—as well as everyone else from those days—says to me, "Your hair is so dark. Who’s doing your color these days?"

I said, "For the thousandth time, this is my natural color! This is what I really look like." I love that everyone from the west can’t seem to grasp that I would leave something natural. Maybe I was more of a follower back in college. (Here I am as a blonde.)

You know what else is funny about people you haven’t seen in a while? I was just talking to Suzanne, a friend I hadn’t heard from in months, and she busted out the "we." As in, "We’re great. He’s off to London tomorrow, so I’m trying to plan my weekend." I was like, "We? He?" It’s a little annoying when acquaintances bust out the "we" without first mentioning or naming the boyfriend. 15 Relationship Mistakes We Wish We'd Stop Making

I guess I’m supposed to remember my friend Suzanne is a "we" now. I doubt that men do this. (Maybe Ryan can shed some light.)

Do you use the "we" when you haven’t spoken to someone in a while? Is it habit? Do you think of your life in relation to someone else all the time? I can’t even remember what it’s like.

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