Reasons for Customizing Your Ring


Reasons for Customizing Your Ring







If you are in the market for an unusual ring, have an idea for something different and spectacular but don’t know where to start - read on to find out why going the custom way may be right for you.

 1: Use “old” to make “new”.

 Did you inherit an engagement ring from your grandmother or a diamond wedding band from another woman in your family? The “old” pieces carry a lot of sentimental value. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to “re-use” all of these diamonds in your own ring?

 Work with your designer to incorporate the stones into the new engagement ring. Your ring will not only be unique, but will carry a part of special women in your family.

 2: You love your friend’s engagement ring, but don’t want to be a copycat.

 You don’t have to. Talk to a jewelry designer about the ring you admire; describe everything you like about it. You probably love the style rather than the details. Or is it the stark simplicity or the intricate filigree details? Maybe it’s the striking combination of white and yellow gold in the setting that makes the ring look so bold.

 Think style and you will end up with an engagement ring where every detail is you.

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