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Love Bytes: Blood Suckers Rule!

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Vampire sex still hot. Plus, sex questions, unrequited love, sluts and texting blind dates.

Love Bytes: Five must-click sex, love and relationship links.

Marilyn Manson step aside, it seems that everyone is going goth and getting into vampire sex. [The Frisky]

It's been, let’s see, almost three months since I've gotten laid. I've done a little making out, but in general, most of my sexual satisfaction these days is from watching "True Blood" every Sunday on HBO. It's been a big year for vampires, but an even bigger one for vampire sex, which has got everyone from teenagers and Midwestern moms, to geek fan boys and, um, twentysomething bloggers obsessed with how they have it ("True Blood") and how they resist having it (in Twilight).
A college student who does not want to have sex? Yep. And she thinks you might want to think twice as well. [College Candy]
A modern poem about an age-old dilemma: unrequited love. [Divine Caroline]
Think you might be a slut? Read this. [Betty Confidential]
Why texting and blind dates don't mix. [Double X]

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