he look at me puzzled. well baby i love ya but dam im not sure about this. i Just looked at him n said okay look ill be in the bathroom fixiin ma hair.them he walked in the bathroom picked me up kissed me took me into his bedroom placed me on top of him still kissin him.taking of my top. Then he took off his top and things got hot,Screams got louder,we started to sweat, he just got me grippin the sheets cryin, just cant take it no more, he cum n that was that. There was mostly pain but it felt good.we washed up. finshed watchin movies. then we got into his wip and droped me off at my house. we kissed and went our ways. [ couples day than] His ThugNess had rub on to me and it caused me to just think about nite and i wanted more Just to feel him on me[JusT to Fuck Him again]  Later the next days was hell i had a hard time walkiin. He offered me a ride, as we was drivin to school i was to busy tryiin to fix my self. then i told him i left my phone at home. when i got there no one was there so i invited him inside. and when i had grab my phone from my bed. i walked to him tellin him how bad my body hurts. we just kissed and took my top off and started again. when i looked at the time it was 9:20 got in the shower.fixed up. got on a fresh. got in the car head to school. We got out tryiing to fix my hair. as we enter the bulding we was to busy trying to fix our unform. Then he walked me to my locker. we got there. placed my books there. we kissed for a mint until the teacher walked by pullin him with him. so i got my stuff and cell and text him. we just stayed textin each other the whole day. i was just thinking all that we done and i Loved it And Just Craved for Mo' ExCied  but never that get the best of me [X-Ray] now all i could do is just think of him [Sprung] but i wouldnt change not a dam thing form what happen that nite. It Just got us more closer than we every got. Now i would look at him different than every. Not only was he the badest thug in my school but then my friends  told me that he wasnt good enough for me and being with him will mess up my further. Neva did i listen to them cause we was mo than just friends we was like brotha. we will talk about anything.i noe im his cause i give it to him RAW..
   Lov3 Him Mo' for Doing what he did cause i lose it to my Friend.../ ;D 

-Presx Luv.OVER&. Out


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  • Philematology is the study of kissing. Philamamania is the compulsion to kiss and a philematophobe is one who dislikes kissing.