DEE is thug with a big heart. he is a real thug and that what got me goin. When he first gave me his number i thought that he was all wrong. That afternoon i gave him a called and he just made me laugh and smile. We will just play around on the phone but the thing was that Dee was way older than me he was 18 [football player] and i was 14 [cheerleader] at the time. So i really wasnt looking for no type of love just friends. That Day[middle of Oct] we had hang out eat pizza chilled than the room got hot and i stared to heat up and i took of his coat that i was wearning.. than we and up having sex [ know it like it was yesterday] he was my first high school real love. I really was'nt trying to fall in love in high school but i guess things really do change. Than I had relized, that my first time was with a THUG.  I was not worred one bit cause he is so differernt from what people see in movies. But never did i have any doub about his way to get money.  When he need someone to help him out with that i know i as number 1. Money was the last thing on my mind as long as i was with him we can be broke and the love still be there.After that nite i started to change. He called me right before i was about to go to cherrleading practice. He was all alone with nothing much to do. yea we go to the same school but we never got time for each other when we in school. Not much was going throught my head when we told me that. So he pick me up in his wip and got something to eat. Took me to red lobster it was not my thing but i tryed it  then we went back to his house. By the time we got there i was tried from school;cleaning;homework;fights; everything. I was to tried to even walk so he just picked me up took me inside his house. he layed me on his bed n we just talk [he was doin most of the talking i was tried i was half awake] but then he said he got something for me. he gave me costom made ring. that really woke me up. The Ring was a big purple and white 2 1/2 carrtet ring.Yea I Know that he had money but never did i think that he was ganna get me something to tight. Than he told me   I WAS HIS FRIST REAL TRUE LOVE.  That just send me shock waves all throught my body. words can't even explain how i felt. But when i saw the time i was late to practice. he just told me to give my coach his number and chill with him and he take me home later before my mama get back home. So we watch movies. But i wasnt into the movies i was to busy thinkin about what his body look like with me on top. i have no idea why i was thinking like that. He know that i wasnt watching the movie but didnt say nothing.Then he looked at me said watch thinkin about. i just climb on top n just kissin him.He just said what was going throught my head..? all i said was YOU! i want to love you more than anything.


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  • If your heart rate exceeds 100 beats per minute during an argument, you are incapable of processing what your partner is saying.