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Comment of the Day 07/12

Comment of the Day 07/12

This may seem like self-love (and no one has ever accused me of being TOO humble), but today's comment of the day comes from a comment posted to last Monday's comment of the day. This site is all about honest smart talk about the real issues facing couples, and Brokenglass911 hits that right on the nose when she unflinchingly examines infidelity in her own life and her expectations for her relationships:

I think that women who take cheaters back are only cheating themselves. (And this coming from someone who has been involved with married men.) Seriously, you're not going to change him and we (mistresses) know deep down that he'll do the same to us, which is why even if you do kick him out we often don't want him. We know how he is, and we know that he'll cheat on us, and we'll never trust him.

Personally, I don't think I've ever been cheated on in a "real relationship." I've had men seeing other women in addition to me, but we werent exclusive. As far as exclusive, I've never had that problem, but I wouldn't take a cheater back nor would I tolerate it. For men, cheating is often about the thrill, being with someone new, being free of responsibility...and for women most of the time it's lack of an emotional relationship with their partner. I've cheated and I wouldn't take me back...because by the time someone cheats the relationship is too far gone. If you're driven to another person, regardless of reason, your relationship or marriage probably isn't salvageable.

Also, be sure to check out her blog posts, you can find them here.They are always some of our favorites.


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