Cheating How-To: Tips From A Mistress


Cheating How-To: Tips From A Mistress

Here are some real things to consider:

  • Does he have different off days than you? (What does he do on off days?)
  • Is there someone he mentions regulary? (The married man I was seeing listed me as a reference on a promotional job application.)
  • Do you know someone who has had a thing for him? (Not talking about old flames, many mistresses are friends of the couple or women that the wife knows.)
  • He may have created an additional "secret" email address to communicate, and remember the pre-paid phone thing that I mentioned above.
  • Does he have a messenger (like Yahoo) on his phone? (Using this to message disguises who he is texting on the phone bill.)

The worst thing (in my opinion) to do is accuse a man of cheating without concrete proof. I will have copies of the phone bill, emails, or other "evidence" before I confront anyone about their faithfull-ness, and you should do. Why? If you accuse an innocent man, it damages your relationship and he'll never forgive you. If you accuse a guilty man, he will deny, and you need proof to show him you're not bluffing.

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