Judgment Day


Judgment Day

Him: "There again, sorry you feel like that"
Me: "How am I supposed to feel? You're the only person I want, and guess what I can't have? You. If there was you, there would never be anyone else, ever. I know what I feel about you and I can't change that."

He hasn't responded.


I feel so enthralled right now. I was given a nod because of my honesty about this relationship, how it works, why it works, and now it's judgment day. I really do care about this man, but I of all people, know more about what he does than his wife. I know all about his affairs and all that he has been doing and it infuriates me that she can't see it!

Seriously, if I can figure out that he has been seeing more than just me outside of his marriage, why can't she? What is wrong with this picture? Sure, my methods are unusual, but all of the information is concrete (I got a copy of an email one of the women sent to him with pictures of her vajayjay [in the words of Oprah], how much more concrete can you get?) If I were his wife, I could nail him for being unfaithful, and that's what gets me. She has no clue.

This relationship has worked because I allowed it to work. I never call or text him when he's home, I don't hint around or say things in the presence of others that would cause suspicion, and I've been the "good paramour."

However, what I'm doing isn't fair to the FireMedic. I spoke with him today and while we were talking, I was joking with him about going out of town and he says, "hey, at least I'm not cheating on you, this is legit."

I believe this has become a day of reckoning and has produced the need for a solution. Now, I know that I've got to start acting and can no longer sit back and allow all of this to unfold. The most probable solution is to ditch the married one and move on.

Although, I know it's not going to be that simple...