Top 10 British Celebrity Crushes


robert pattinson
Robert Pattinson, Posh & Becks, the Bond girl and Daniel Craig: YT's fave sexy British imports.

Lily Allen She's a mouthy little thing, isn't she? Gotta love a girl with spunk. (No puns intended, seriously.) This mega-pop star may be mega-controversial with all the discussion about her kinky oral sex history...but you know what? We like her style. She's reportedly dating Australian singer Daniel Merriweather after her 2008 miscarriage and split from Chemical Brothers' Ed Simon.

Amy Winehouse Ouch. It's never-ending drama-rama in the romance department for Amy Winehouse. Hubby Blake Fielder-Civil filed for divorce in Janaury after he saw tabloid photos of Amy carousing with another bloke, and then in April it was reported that Blake had knocked up a mother of two while in rehab. Never a dull moment for the throaty old-school singer...but maybe a little bit of normal wouldn't be so bad. Amy Winehouse: The Threesomes Are Over

Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani British-American marriages are hot, just ask Gavin and Gwen. Ever since their 2002 weddings (yes, that's plural, they had ceremonies in London and Los Angeles so she could wear her dress twice) and the 2005 and 2008 births of their sons, they have become a fixture in popular culture. We're just really happy that Gwen doesn't speak with that pseuo-English accent like Madonna and Gwyneth do now.

Leona Lewis Is this woman beautiful, or what. The "Bleeding Love" wonder and London native is pretty much off the dating market as she's been with boyfriend Lou Al-Chamaa for over a decade (can you say common law?), but she's too gorgeous to leave off our British crush list. Even if we can't eat the crumpets we can still admire what's in the pastry case. 10 Famously Unwed Couples

Photo courtesy Bauer Griffin.

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