Top 10 British Celebrity Crushes


robert pattinson
Robert Pattinson, Posh & Becks, the Bond girl and Daniel Craig: YT's fave sexy British imports.

Guy Ritchie Poor Guy. He's been a super-trooper ex-husband as newly-single mom Madonna cavorts from the U.S. to London then Paris on her latest concert tour. However we don't really think Guy's suffering. Since the divorce he's been linked to Elle MacPherson and Sienna Miller's millionaire ex-stepmom. But boy do we miss his adorable English face in our supermarket tabloids... Robert Downey Jr. Plays Yenta For Guy Ritchie

Susan Boyle Back off, Susan Boyle's a babe. None of the Britain's Got Talent stars who have made headlines since her breakout last April have held a candle to her. Who besides this 48-year-old could girate their hips in front of Simon Cowell, admit on worldwide TV that they'd never been kissed, and turn down a porn contract—and still be totally intriguing? Susan Boyle Offered Starring Role In Porn Flick

Robert Pattinson Ohhh. I know I'm old enough to be his babysitter...but if Robert Pattinson were a U.S. president, he'd be Babe-raham Lincoln. This week we heard buzz that the Twilight superstar and Kristen Stewart have officially split (yes! read here) and he's gone after Emilie de Ravin (doh). And while we're not too happy for what he said about American girls this week, with lips like that, he gets a pass. Robert Pattinson Fed Up With American Women

Kristen Stewart Looks like Bella Swan's been sacked. (That's British-English for "dumped." Come on you guys.) We haven't heard much from her regarding her break from RPat, but it doesn't sound like things are going great. This weekend there are reports that she's receiving hate mail from his admirers—but why? They're over! (And we hope these writers aren't American...we don't want an undesirable reputation with those Brits.)