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Love Bytes: Working Day And Night


Forgetting your corporate escape and chivalry is not dead.

Love Bytes: Five must-click sex, love and relationship links.

Are home lives and work lives about to the collide? [Recessionwire]

The corporate office as safe haven from domestic reality is finally dying. Here are my pregnant wife and her friend, a newly single mom, venturing forth together into the wide world on the deck of a new business model. No doubt about it: this is Oz territory. Kansas is but a memory; the twister has struck, the house has been spun on its axis and the land visible in sparkling Technicolor through the doors and windows is enticing, but terribly unfamiliar.

Sex is good. Good sex is real good. But can too good of sex be bad? [College Candy]

Are racial preferences racist? Depends on the viewpoint. [TresSugar]

Obviously, this white woman likes black men — a lot. It's all about sexualizing them, though, reducing all of them to their skin, to their presumed sexual prowess, their instinctual energy and innate masculinity. If racism is about assuming things about people based on their physical traits, how is this not racism?

Feminism doesn't mean chivalry is dead. [The Frisky]

Bronx lesbians named high school's "Best Couple." [Lemondrop]


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