Sexual History: What Your Number Says About You


sexual history
Men care less about your number of sexual partners and more about what you've done with them.

5. Money. Did money ever exchange hands? Not to be too-too judgemental, but gold diggers are scary. Plus the hip-hop music has made us leery of trying to convert a ho into a housewife.**

Just like age is just a number, so is your "number" (yeah, I said number is a number, big whoop, wanna fight about it?). It's what (and who) you did with that those people that counts. Mythical medicinal properties aside, having sex with a virgin is not that exciting (unless you're in love or some such).


Anyone have any experience finding out a number they weren't expecting? Do you lie about your number to your boyfriends or husbands?

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*Note: I'm not 100% sure what this means, I mean it in a positve way.
**Note: Mostly kidding on this one.

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