5 Scandalous Celebrity Affairs


5 Scandalous Celebrity Affairs
When celebrity relationships go bad, the fallout can be oh so entertaining.

Meg Ryan throws Dennis Quaid over for Russell Crowe
Meg and Dennis were a golden couple: He gave up coke for her, they married in 1991, and had a son, Jack, the next year. All was peachy (except for the occasional rumor of Dennis catting around), until Meg went to Ecuador to shoot Proof of Life in 2000. She and costar Russell Crowe, then separated from his longtime girlfriend and future wife Danielle Spencer, began an affair that hastened the end of her marriage to Quaid and sullied her girl-next-door image.

Notorious B.I.G. sneaks around with Lil' Kim behind Faith Evans's back
Biggie Smalls, né Christopher Wallace, packed a lot of living into his 24 years. He married singer Faith Evans in 1994, just before his first album, Ready to Die, was released. In October 1996, Evans gave birth to their son and Lil' Kim, Biggie's protégée, released her first album, Hard Core. Two months later, Evans caught them in bed together, as she writes in her book Keeping the Faith: A Memoir: "As soon as I saw a small lump next to Big's large frame, I flew into a rage … I grabbed some chick out of the bed and started beating her ass. At some point, the chick's wig came off in my hand: It was a short, cropped wig. I stopped throwing punches for a minute to get a good look at the chick I was beating up. It was Lil' Kim." Wallace was killed in a drive-by shooting less than three months later, and Faith and Kim eventually came to have a civil relationship. How To Protect Yourself Against A Cheating Spouse


Mick Jagger knocks up a Brazilian model while married to Jerry Hall
Mick left his first wife, Bianca, for 22-year-old model Jerry in 1978; they had a son and daughter before marrying in 1990, then two more children, the last born in 1997. Less than a year and a half later, tabloids began reporting that Mick had gotten Luciana Morad, a 28-year-old Brazilian catwalker, pregnant. He'd always been a dog—People reported that just after Hall gave birth to their third child, in 1992, Mick was in Thailand shagging Carla Bruni, now the first lady of France. But Luciana's pregnancy was the last straw for Jerry, who filed for divorce only to find that their Hindu wedding on Bali was not legal. The marriage was annulled in 1999, with Jerry getting a settlement in the neighborhood of $10-15 million. Mick didn't marry his latest model. He was knighted in 2003 and bandmate Charlie Watts joked, "Anybody else would be lynched. 18 wives and 20 children and he's knighted. Fantastic!"

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