Does The Venus Butterfly Guarantee An Orgasm?


venus butterfly orgasm
The Venus Butterfly: surefire orgasm or urban legend? Sexologist Susan Quilliam investigates.

But the Butterfly didn't simply deliver me a sky-high orgasm—it also brought me closer to my man and him to me. Faced with the sheer relentlessness of the pleasure I either had to call a halt or let my emotional barriers down. I could have said "No. You're taking me places that no one else has—and that makes me feel vulnerable." The fact that I didn't, that I let him drive me so powerfully over the edge, crossed us over some sort of intimacy divide and left us feeling extraordinarily connected to each other.

So, is this multiple approach what the LA Law writers had in mind? In fact, they've since admitted they had no concept of any technique and simply made the name up. The 1986 Venus Butterfly was certainly a myth.

But have subsequent attempts to create a technique to fit that name succeeded? Is the Venus Butterfly now a magical reality that not only gives pleasure, but also enhances intimacy? My investigations say not just "yes", but "Yes, Yes, Yes!"

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