Love Bytes: Romance On The Job


Embarrassing marriage proposals, the G-Spot, work romances and involuntary celibacy.

Love Bytes: Five must-click sex, love and relationship links.

16 Embarassing Marriage Proposals. [BuzzFeed]

Involuntary Celibacy [Sirens Magazine]

Sometimes when you’re paging through, say, Cosmo, it can feel like everyone in the world—your friends, your neighbors, and, hell, even your second-grade teacher—has a sex life reminiscent of those hot, sweaty, twisted (in the best possible way) scenes in “Unfaithful.”

G-Spot, The Spot? [Betty Confidential]

Love The One You Work With. [FNC iMag]

Bondage Tips From The Wedding Crashers. [Nerve]

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