Living Erotically

Living Erotically

Another great quote from Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, this time from his book "The Kosher Sutra."

"There are boys and men.  The boys want an orgasm, right now, and use their wives to obtain it.  Their sex life is deplorable and even worse for their wives.  The men are prepared to delay gratification and engage in extended foreplay.

But then, there are the philosophers, and they have not only delayed gratification but sexual wisdom.  The sexual philosopher wants to harness sexuality to understand his or her deepest nature.  They are prepared not only to delay lovemaking for an hour, but to delay orgasm for a week or more.  They have sex without climax so as to arouse the strongest sexual urge until they are transformed from having sex to living erotically."


What do you think?


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