The Links: Debating The Existence Of Blue Balls


blue balls
Learn about men's need to ogle, Arianna Huffington's vacation and Levitra thievery.

Glamour, in reference to Ruth Madoff, wonders to what degree a woman should cover for her guy. It's been said that a good friend with help you move and a great friend will help you move a body. Just sayin'.

How do you find someone incredibly loyal to share your life? You court them, endear them and then marry them, silly. But before you get to the nuptials and the bliss and the 5th Amendment rights, you must break the ice. Lemondrop wonders does any pickup line has ever worked in this regard.


And, like the blue balls, just so women don't think us guys are putting one over on them, Asylum tells us that researchers have shown men in happy, committed relationships ogle attractive women as frequently as single lechers. Sorry, ladies, that's just God's programming. 

And since we mentioned the old Cosmopolitan, please check out YourTango's conversation between Cosmo superstars: Bonnie Fuller and Helen Gurley Brown

As always, hit me with links and whatnot which you think rock.

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