The Links: Debating The Existence Of Blue Balls


blue balls
Learn about men's need to ogle, Arianna Huffington's vacation and Levitra thievery.

Sometimes you have a really good idea for a 1,000-word post in your back pocket; sometimes you have to link link to other people's really good ideas. That bein said, I scoured the interwebs (so you wouldn't have to) and here's the best of love and relationships from the ones and zeros:

Do you know what blue balls are? Have you ever experienced so much wanting and wanting and wanting that you just couldn't take it any more? Em & Lo's (at man panel discusses the existence of this particular testicular curricular. (Note: blue balls exist inasmuch as the female orgasm exists, do with that what you will.) 


The Frisky has surefire way to get the blue balls, outercourse (which can include teasing, smooching, grinding (the frottage) and dry-to-slightly damp humping). I believe they went over all of this in the Steve Carell film The 40 Year Old Virgin (and they, apparently were just clowning).

Guess what taking your time and trying a little outercourse before jumping right into the nasty sometimes leads to? Lovemaking. The young gals at College Candy give us the four-eleven on making love versus making whoopie. 

A good way to avoid the let down of non-ejaculation (for a dude) is to have a good, strong erection (not one lasting more than four hours, mind you). That's probably what some thieves were thinking when they yoinked nearly $7 million worth of Levitra from Bayer's headquarters (in Frankfurt, naturally). Check out more details from Reuters.

Some of those black market pills could be coming to a beach near you. According to Cosmo, guys are more likely to cheat during the summer. They explore the whys. I blame fresh air, sunshine, Major League Baseball and, of course, the bikini. 

Summertime leads to vacation. And Arianna Huffington (founder of the Huffington Post, HuffPost to a few) writes that she celebrated 12 years of divorce by vacationing… with her ex. Just some wild guesses: definitely some reminiscing, perhaps a bit of world-saving, probably no lovemaking, likely no outercourse and surely no Levitra-induced blue balls.

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