The Scourge That Is Couples Skating


neglect, new relationship
It's a really good policy to not neglect your friends when starting a new relationship.

And that's the point. While good friends will be there for you if ish hits the fan with your new piece (or even an old piece), it's a lot easier when you don't like them get away in the first place. While I'm not advocating the old collegian policy of bros before hos (or chicks before Dicks), I am reminding you to not neglect the people you're not currently sleeping with and/ or next to. A friend of a friend (possibly of a friend) recently got divorced and has no good buddies to cry into his beer with, having gotten way into his wife and been co-opted by her crew. And making new friends, as an adult, because you alienated all of your old friends vis-a-via couples skating, is not an easy task.

Hit us with horror stories of besties getting way into their paramour and forgetting about their buddies. Not all of them have to involve said bestie crawling back and begging pardon. I don't mind if you're that ingrate as long as you've seen the light.

*Note: Dick is short for Richard (a stereotypical man's name) in this scenario and thus perfect acceptable in polite conversation.