Monogamy Pomises


Monogamy Pomises

They promise to keep things fresh- How bad do we all feel for men who get suckered into marriage with women who eventually put the brakes on sex and hinder any and all imagination in the bedroom?  I feel horrible for them.  Sad that they can be coerced into making huge decisions, and sad that they get let down sexually.  You can't really expect anyone to stay faithful in a boring, grey flannel sleep by 10:30 existance.  It is expected that both partners will find ways to continue to explore sexual boundaries within the relationship.  Otherwise, you can't really be that surprised when he's swinging from Suzy Saucybottom's ceiling fan and having the time of his  life.  You have a ceiling fan too, you know.

They promise to care about how you feel... every single day-  suppose it's easy to let our concern for each other slip after a period of time in a MR, but this is as bad as not showering.  You may not notice on day two, but EVERYONE else does.  And by the time you realize the horrid stench you've created by neglect, you've probably already changed the way some people look at you, and you might not be able to go back.  MR require good, daily maintenance.  If you live with someone, and you haven't asked then how their day was, it's usually because you are more concerned with how YOUR day went.  Well, that's not gonna work for an extended period of time.  Eventually, Suzy Saucybottom is gonna ask your man how his day was.  She's going to listen intently as he talks about things that could cause a weak mind to spontaneously slip into a coma.  She's going to at least pretend that she cares about what he is going through in his daily struggles.  That's why he'll keep going back to her.  This is a pretty lame reason for him to step out, especially since all you have to do is ask him how his day went, how his life is, or who is winning the game.

They promise to be honest-  this one must the one of the most difficult things to do.  Sometimes, honesty with others forces us to be honest with ourselves, and many people aren't good at this.  Dishonesty also helps people in thier quest to have their cake and eat it too.  A man is very well aware that he can be attracted to multiple women at one time.  He is also aware that there is a 50% chance that if he cheats he'll get caught.  So, for many (if not most) men, that is enough incentive to cheat.  He could just tell his current lover that he is ready to get some action from elsewhere, but chances are she would leave... then who would take care of his daily needs?  Unwilling to lose what he has and unwilling to say no to what he wants empowers him for the moment, but it also shows his character. 

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